Artist Bio

Suz Wax is a Stockholm based visual artist. Her style of painting is in constant flux, always in motion, experimenting and evolving. Consistently energized, vibrant and outspoken - just like her.

Suz started painting 2017 and is mostly focused on abstract and visuals, her work is inspired by her own spiritual journey and Mother Nature’s plants, landscapes, beings and connection.

Techniques and tools she uses are acrylic paint, oil, ink, plaster, spray cans, modelling paste, layering and textures from nature like plants, sand and stones. The finished pieces always seem to contain movement. In contrast to her loud and expressive pieces, her favorite place to paint is on the countryside Möklinta in her little cabin in peace and quiet with her dog Charlie.

What inspires Suz: Depth. Connection to the heart, body, mind. Nature, wilderness, plants. Untamed parts. The wild women. The wolf woman. Unconditional love between soulmates. The sense of freedom, lojalty, rebelling, defiance. Togetherness, solitude, safe-places, the sound of the soul, tragedy, comedy, resilience. Contrasts. Humor. Movement.

”Does it move you? Does it change you in any kind of existential way?  Because good art asks questions. And it connects you to worlds and ideas you didn’t even know existed. At least not consciously. And I came here to affect people with my work and if something catches their eye I might have an effect on them in some way.”
                                                                                                                                              - Suz Wax

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