Life Force Activation (LFA) is a beautiful method that initiates and supports the opening of Life Force energy.

This transmission really does open your kundalini for a safe, sustainable, and powerful transformative awakening to your true essence. Chi, shakti, qi, life force is your innate spiritual intelligence. It is life force, and consciousness. It’s your divine essence. It’s that what is beyond words.

There is no ’force’ involved, no practices that build your inner fire - no will. It’s the path of surrender. I am the tuning fork, and your system will attune up to where you are ready. It looks like magic - and part of it is, because the mind has trouble understanding what exactly is happening. But, it’s all about energy and frequency.

All phenomena related to Life Force activation can happen during a transmission, including physical movements, emotional release, other dimensional experiences, bliss, cosmic orgasm and states of non-dual awareness. What you see happen in the video below is just one expression of Life Force energy moving.

But what is so extraordinary about this - is that once kundalini gets activated, the change in consciousness is lasting. And eventually it becomes integrated and you can live your life in a truly embodied way, having experienced your real essence. This is why I am so passionate about this - as this is the only way to truly change the world we live in.

Imagine living while being guided by your intuition. Making choices from a place of alignment and clarity, because you are connected to Source? What would it be like to live with your heart wide open?


• Unblocking, clearing and purifying of blocks in your energetic, physical and emotional system
• Relief of stress and feeling less tension in your body
• Shifting into higher levels of conciousness and vibration
• Emotional release, break throughs and completing trauma cycles
•  Increased awareness + release of limited beliefs
• Calming effects on your overall state of mind
• Awareness of the body, mind and energy + awakened intuition
• Feeling energized
• Experiencing more harmony within yourself
• Remembrance of your true self and purpose
• Peeling away the layers of conditioned mental, emotional, social and cultural limitation
• Spiritually awakened and the experience of oneness

Before the session I would recommend eating a light amount of high frequency food before hand, stay away from coffee or other stimulants the day of the session and the days before practice bringing deep awareness to your body.

*LFA is not for people with mania, delusion, psychosis, or any other serious mental issues. However, PTSD, depression, and anxiety are not considered mental illnesses and LFA can be helpful for these conditions. If you are not mentally stable, we recommend not to continue with LFA. If you are taking antidepressant medication, you might be less sensitive to LFA, but it depends on the person and the medication. It’s worth giving it a try.  

*LFA is not recommended for pregnant women who are in their third trimester (28th week) of pregnancy or later.



Suz did her training in Tulum, Mexico 2022. Her intention is to create a vortex of intensified life force energy. With your willingness to surrender and let go, your energetic system will attune to its frequency. Clearing the path for life force energy to rise.